Olga Moroz, CPT

Customized Functional Training in Ijburg, Amsterdam

Olga is a fitness professional who is passionate about wellness and longevity. Olga is employing strategies that could help her clients live a more healthy, long, fit, pain-free, capable and independent life. Olga is certified to, and is training people one-on-one, as well as in groups, primarily in Ijburg, Amsterdam. The predominant modalities include resistance training and HIIT cardio.

What my customers say...

Olga is a great trainer. She has a great focus on technique so if you're going to train by yourself you know how to do it properly. She will do the exercises with you so you feel very supported in your struggle to keep going. It's very clear Olga wants me to succeed in my goals and I feel very supported by her.

Stephanie, 28, Ijburg Resident

"Exercise with Olga always leaves me more confident in my own power. She always makes sure I find the right connection; both physically and mentally and she's always there to stop me from doubting myself."

Rachid, 41, Ijburg Resident

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